How we work - Delivery process

1. Audit: Identify sources of new business value

Every project starts with identifying gaps & untapped opportunities to set up performance management system that reaps performance improvements and revenue growth. Team of experts identify performance gaps existing in business & estimate business loss & loss of opportunities. A detailed report covering challenges from all levels of business is presented to customer.

2. Set up Performance environment

We help client by suggesting alternative models, approach and business metrics, which forms foundation to entire performance management system. These solutions often come from un-utilized business capacity & capabilities. At the end, most relevant business, department & individual metrics along with performance report are created for client.

3. Setting Data Channels

First, direct from employee daily reporting through performance application/online forms and second through internal ERP, or independent software's –CRM, Tally etc. We assess the sources of data that are available in client's organization, and we then build ultimate flow of data for performance analysis.

4. Manage communication & adoption

We help our clients and its employee to understand the reporting applications/online sheets work so they can use them consistently. We collaborate up front, follow up with communication on secondary report sourced directly from respective department heads. A considerable time is invested on training people across the organization. By working closely with employee, we ensure that they have the right understanding of performance system, what is expected out of them & how their individual contribution will help organization achieve its objective. Eventually we help foster trust in the quality of the data and the resulting insights.

5. Mock Run & Going Live

Our team of analysts, business consultants works initiate project under controlled environment and the performance system is put to work. Data collection for KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is initiated & initial teething issues are resolved.  Upon successful mock run, we go live on the project. This stage is achieved as employees adapt the performance system. By this stage, performance data is available to give actionable insights. Business Analytics tools help in creating Visual reports in the form of dashboards.