There are enough posts about CPSC 213 and now I see people asking what happened. I study, and do the pre readings, but in class I never understand what the instructor is asking, or doing. UBC - A Place of Mind. Because of the lab component 110 is a 4 credit course, and as such is designed to take 12-14 hours a week. The most common reason why students fail CPSC 110 is that they get lost. I'll pay the DLC a visit a few times this week, since I unfortunately didn't do so well on the first midterm. It's one of the best put together courses at UBC. I really enjoyed cpsc 320 therefore I WILL TAKE AGAIN NEXT TERM!!! My average for CPSC in 110, 121, and 210 are in the low 70s, but I'm getting around 80 percent for both 221 and 213*. After that comes out, I will link whatever link of that here too. UBC Quick Links [X] close. Seek help ASAP if you don't understand something. Later CS classes move at a slower pace but the material is much more challenging and interesting. A year-round Co-operative Education Option is available for students in Computer Science. EDIT: s/out to the TAs and Gregor for their feedback. In CPSC 213, you learned how computers execute programs, and how common programming language constructs can be translated into assembly language. Not only we can help you with 110 and see what the issues are with your understanding of the material, but we can also discuss your future in CS if you are really that worried about that. Together this all means that 110 is very hard if you don't approach it the right way. Lecture Slides Worksheets Labs Tutorials Assignments Online Quizzes Exams Handouts Lecture Modules Readings. The historical average scores don’t support that. I would also counter the idea that 110 is deliberately a weed out course. So on one hand, if you can't make it through the course in the end then maybe you aren't cut out for it, but don't think you should quit because you find this course confusing. 18 credits of CPSC courses numbered 300 or higher. If you attempt a lot of practice problems, you'll start to notice patterns on where you seem to make an error or, parts where you have trouble understanding what you have to do or what the next step is - this helps you narrow down where you're having trouble, and helps you think of what questions you can ask to address those problem points. The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! What is it?If you believe you already know the material covered in CPSC 110, you can apply to challenge the course. CPSC 210 and 221 2. On the other hand, a lot of CPSC … Thoughts on CPSC 213 final? UBC Science '14 (Biology) grad. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about UBC or if you just want to chat! I personally think it's one of the easiest CPSC courses, but only because what you're expected to know is extremely clear - makes it easy to study for. Thanks a bunch and yeah I've noticed how much the 110 TAs care about the students that really means a lot :), Don't worry OP, I failed cpsc 110. CPSC 103 was also relatively straightforward; however, I found CPSC 103 to take up the majority of my time just from the sheer amount of assignments each week. Study guide uploaded on Mar 29, 2018. Please come to X150 when you have some time. I wouldn't say if you don't do well you should give up. I think my mind isn't hard wired to think logically, in the way it's necessary for CS. Download this CPSC 121 study guide to get exam ready in less time! In CPSC in particular, there are too many people trying to get into the department. There is some discussion of how 340/540 relate to some of the STAT classes written by a former student (Geoff Roeder) here. 2009 Sample Midterm 1 (Term 2) (Study Guide) Sample Midterm 2 (Term 2) (Study Guide) Final (Term 2) (Study Guide) 2013 Midterm (Term 2) (Solution) 2014 Sample Final Sample Final (Solution) Sample Final 2 Undated ubc-cpsc-210-DecoratorDesignPattern.pdf UBC-CPSC-210-GUI-problem.pdf UBC-CPSC-210-ImplementingAnOODesign-Problems.pdf UBC-CPSC-210-PolyTypeDispatch-LectureLab.pdf … Tons of TAs, office hours, practice problems/exams for you to learn from and the profs are generally really great. Not really hard, but I don't have words to describe it. But at the same time, we try very hard to provide you with tons of resources. Part 2, Investigation launched after complaints about CPSC 213 final exam (The Ubyssey article), CS TERM 2 TOWN HALL HIGHLIGHTS (Scroll to the last part), CPSC213 MARKS ARE OUT (with grade distribution, plots..), The investigation result is not made public yet. This decision was made in response to a r/UBC subthread called “Thoughts on CPSC 213 final?” on which … You must be enrolled in the course to see course content. The majority of students I've interacted with don't get it right away. EECE210(CPEN221), CPSC213, and CPSC221 were a lot easier than 110 (in my opinion). Email: Register. Solutions (where they exist) are also provided. For better or for worse 110 is meant to weed people out. Upper-level requirements. I personally think it's one of the easiest CPSC courses, but only because what you're expected to know is extremely clear - makes it easy to study for. 1 While CPSC 110 is the recommended route for students pursuing a program in Computer Science, CPSC 103, 107 may be taken in its place. UBC: CPSC110 Systematic Program Design. Much of the work is busy work. Don't fall behind!!!! Use standard UBC course codes when searching (CPSC 310, BIOL 324 not CS 310, BIO 324). •You’ll come away with an increased: –understanding of the social and ethical implications of computer use and abuse; Everything is available online so that you can go back and review at any time, and we have a huge problem bank and lots of past exams posted. It's one of the best put together courses at UBC. Related Courses: Besides CPSC 340, other closely-related courses available at UBC include 500-level classes taught by Frank Wood and Leonid Sigal, as well as CPSC 522. Hey, /u/Coollikeumee, I'm a TA for CPSC 110. 2 Several upper-level CPSC courses have CPSC 213 as pre-requisite. PLEASE SIGN: UBC alumni killed by drunk driver in Seoul, South Korea Discussion She was hit while crossing the street on a green pedestrian light on Nov 6, 2020. 11 pages. CPSC 110 was well organized and never left me with a feeling of uncertainty that I felt in some other courses (like MATH 100). help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. You also discussed how to deal with multiples processes and threads, and how you can synchronize their … Finding CPSC 121 a bit hard? It is however a course to get you started along the way to writing software in a sound way, and in the second half of the course especially we tackle some hard problems. CPSC 213 exam under investigation. Content. Mutual-ref is a very common place for students in 110 to be lost. Also start early on assignments too, that way you won't have to wait till the last day to ask questions (and TA office hours on the last two days leading up to submissions would be so … CPSC 213: what the fuck is going on? Created May 6, 2009. So I include some here in chronological order. I found CPSC110 somewhat difficult even though I had some programming background. They’re sorted by year and course. CPSC 121: Models of Computation; Course Info. degree have a combined total of 353 students on waitlists for these courses in just term 1. In a course that was truly very difficult you would expect to see a much lower mean and median – as much as 20 points lower. 2) Obtain permission to appeal from a Computer Science advisor, through the Advising webform. Work through the practice problems there and the TAs can give you nudges now and then to help you find the solution. CPSC 110 (or CPSC 107), CPSC 121 and CPSC 210 Please note that meeting the 70% average above does not guarantee admission: it is the minimum requirement to apply. Complemented by UBC Profstats, which offers grading variations by instructors. 46.8k. It is a difficult course. Books. Everybody finds it hard, even people who have a strong background in CS just because of the strict criteria of the course. Introduction People Office Hours Scheduling Grading Academic Conduct. Join. On December 21, UBC’s computer science (CPSC) department launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding CPSC 213 final exam. However, you should really evaluate how much effort you're putting into this course as it probably reflects on your study habits/discipline to some extent and try to shape up for the future. Tech. Personally, I found CPSC 110 to be really fun and the difficulty felt fair and not too much. What are my chances of getting into 2nd yr specialization in CS if I taking both prereqs CPSC 110 and 121 in Summer Term 1? Some explanation for that: This year’s midterm 1 was easier than prior years, but the average was 85, the median 91. Part 2. Thanks a bunch for the encouragement, won't let you down!! Really depends on the person. And if I'm awful at this should I keep pushing for second year CS or just give up? It is now required for students to have taken CPSC 103 or CPSC 110 prior to applying (whether they are going through Science's second year process or the Computer Science webform process). CPSC 210 (or its equivalent) is a pre-requisite for CPSC 344. Edit: Result, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. UBC Search. The University of British Columbia Vancouver campus . By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I'll make an effort to visit the DLC, just been hard to push away friends and socializing for extra help instead. Keep up with the material and go to office hours. Considering a Gap Year. With all that I would echo what the TAs have said above. Sign in. In 110 you are learning a design discipline – it absolutely requires learning by doing. UBC Bachelor of Computer Science grad (BCS-ICS '17). Many people have had success in other subjects with learning by reading, and they try that approach in 110. If CPSC 313 is anything like CPSC 261 (and it is), it's also quite manageable, though definitely higher workload. I'm a 1st yr science student. Yes, it is unfair. Examinable materials and course content vary from year to … I can tell you that the 110 teaching team really wants you to succeed, and there are a huge number of resources available to you. Make space in your schedule to spend time in the TA office hours. Feel free to comment below with other related links. In retrospect it was the best thing that has happened to me because it pushed me to try harder and now living the dream working a cushy tech job in the US, I really hated the structure of CPSC110. I also encounter the problem that the TA hours aren't really compatible with my own schedule a lot of the time unfortunately, so I can't get the maybe 2 hours I need. I'm honestly just lost and confused right now, feeling like a lot of stuff we covered before isn't really solidifying in my mind unfortunately. I took 110 in first year (I was in CS in first year and then transferred). Resources. However, as of May first of 2016, they are no longer looking at 221 and 213 for acceptance into the program and are just looking at the average mark between 110, 121, and 210. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Please. The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! The option is intended to help prepare interested and qualified students for careers in the computing industry with a minimum of 4 work placements supervised by practising professionals. I want to share my view which I don't think has been expressed yet. I know the course can feel overwhelming, with so many assignments and so much material covered in very little time. UBC CPSC Major Math Course Hey, I'm a first year science student who's planning to major in CS. I know at the start it can be daunting, feeling like you don't know anything or the right questions to ask, but here's where practice comes in. I'm also not taking 121 at the same time if that makes any difference. I was just wondering what first year math course (101, 103, or 105) is most relevant for a CS major and will be the most helpful in the future. This will help to determine your eligibility under department guidelines and policies. Instead most of the time needs to be spent actually trying to solve the practice problems from scratch without looking at the solutions. Often 110 students will sit there for an hour every day, or two hours every other day. Really depends on the person. Some students find it takes less, others find it takes more. Tons of TAs, office hours, practice problems/exams for you to learn from and the profs are generally really great. If you meet this requirement, then your admissions average will usually be computed based on … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A good question to ask yourself is: what exactly am I having trouble with? In 110 every single lecture, lab, problem set builds on every single one before it. That might sound pretty depressing (although in my opinion that's just how it is), but I don't think you should get discouraged, because 110 is not really a fair representation of what the rest of a degree in cpsc looks like. I've included links to some below: ;-; thanks for the reply. That is the point after all. Co-op advisors also visit students at their place of work and pro… Investigation launched after complaints about CPSC 213 final exam (The Ubyssey article) CS TERM 2 TOWN HALL HIGHLIGHTS (Scroll to the last part) CPSC213 MARKS ARE OUT (with grade distribution, plots..) CPSC 110 is a hard course which is meant to challenge students thinking of majoring in CS, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I don't want that to happen to you. 621. The main purpose of the pre-requisite is to ensure that you have experience programming in at least two different languages . 110 TA here. It moved so fast that I never felt like I really had time to properly learn the material (and those 30+ minute videos were ridiculous). Plants. HELP : CPSC 304, 313, 310, 110, 213, and 221. DO the problems in the bank and go to DLC during TA hours when possible! The best ways to study are to watch videos before lecture, focus when watching them and rewatch if necessary. Even if you decide to apply to UBC but haven't made up your mind regarding Computer Science, you can register in CPSC 110 (our popular "Computation, Programs, and Programming" course) to familiarize yourself with the concepts. Co-operative education is a process of education which integrates academic study with related and supervised work experience in co-operating employer organizations. Course , current location; Design Recipes Language Problem Bank Glossary Style Rules Systematic Program Design. Press J to jump to the feed. But most importantly, we have office hours multiple times a day every single day of the week, including the weekends before exams. I've gone to the DLC several times but usually the TAs aren't there when I have free time or I only get about an hour in there but there's already other students crowding around. His lectures were very engaging with clicker questions and lots of voluntary student participation. Students in the Faculty of Arts must have met admission requirements before they can be admitted to the BA Major in Computer Science. CPSC 213: what the fuck is going on? It can be really easy for students in 110 to start winding down after Midterm 1, especially with the historically high midterm grades (this term being no exception), but do not take it easy; the concepts we cover after Midterm 1 are really the "meat and bones" of 110, and are really challenging if you don't practice or keep up. This course is hard. I worried a lot about the 15% weigh in clicker questions but he was very lenient in the end. Can't tell if just am bad at the course and so is others around me...but we just hit Mutual References and I'm just lost. University of British Columbia Intro to Programming CPSC 103 - Spring 2019 Register Now How to Design Data_ CPSC 103 101_103 Introduction to Systematic Program Design.pdf. I'm not gonna lie though, I put in a good 10+ hours a week for this course and it's still very difficult. Part 1: General Information about the Appeal Procedure 1) Before submitting an appeal, carefully read the rules in the appropriate section (Part 2, 3, 4, or 5) below. level 2. Related Courses: Besides CPSC 340, other closely-related courses available at UBC include CPSC 532L/532R, EECE 360/592, EOSC 510/550, LIBR 559d, STAT 305/306/406/460/461, and most 500-level STAT courses. I heard it's hard to get into CPSC courses if you're not a CS related major so I really want to make it to enrol in the required 2nd yr CPSC courses. The University of British Columbia. Course Description •We’ll explore the interplay between information technology and society, emphasizing ethical issues. A lot of the content you probably won't use again, at least until much later. CPSC 320 I found to be relatively low workload as long as you keep up with the readings (1 hour a week was sufficient over winter semester). As TAs, all we want is to see you succeed. Thanks for the reply, really means a lot that the TAs care so much about the students ;; Yeah I'm just rather lost and felt like the information isn't really sticking, probably because I almost feel as if it isn't applicable. This credit will count towards your graduation requirements exactly as if you had taken the course in the usual way. Stuck in Zoom calls. I think it's good for its intentions, solidifying a foundation and weeding out students. UBC Club and Student Group Database - Reviews of on-campus clubs and an actually usable alternative to the AMS Clubhouse directory. Sign in or register. There's only a real difficulty spike in the last units, which is how most courses go anyway. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Let me start off by telling you that you are not the only one having trouble with 110, there will be a point where every student in the course, whether they're at the top of the class, or just average, will feel overwhelmed by the content. They may spend a lot of hours reading problem solutions and watching videos. It can be difficult to figure those problems out – but figuring them out IS the learning. CPSC 213: what the fuck is going on? So it becomes difficult to sit through week 6 content if weeks 1-5 aren’t solid for you. Related courses from other departments include EECE 360/592, EOSC 510/550, STAT 305/306/406/460/461, and … Sooo to sum up the responses: 110 is not hard as it is a heavy course load, directed to make future years easier and potentially weed out students. NOTE: These exams are here as reference ONLY. 86 Page(s). Please PM me, and come to office hours, so that we can work something out. UBC Grades - grade distributions for previous offerings of all classes offered at UBC. Rather than saying 110 is hard, I think a more accurate characterization is that it requires a fair amount of time, that the time has to be spent in a specific way, and that it is difficult to catch up in. Therefore, it is indeed hard for the sake of being hard. You can find our collection of CPSC exams and quizzes here. Probably need to add more to my own efforts but I still haven't figured out how best to juggle everything. The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! I found it way more difficult than CPSC 221 and CPSC 320. Sometimes it's just a few concepts that you don't understand that makes everything look so obscure and difficult to you. - Reviews of UBC Courses You will be required to write a challenge exam and, assuming you obtain a sufficiently high grade, you will be given the option of accepting credit for CPSC 110. Definitely sorry that I don't see how much of effort you guys put in. Press J to jump to the feed. Is the course actually hard or am I just awful at this? Gregor was an amazing prof! 6 of the core courses required for a CPSC degree, with some courses needed for a Math, Stats, BUCS, etc.